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Creativity for Busy Lives

Something I've struggled with recently, even though I work in a creative job, is that I have very little time to be creative outside of the 9-5. I think many people in this industry can relate - unless you're one of the very lucky ones, there's often a difference between what you do in the office and what you might always want to work on.

Passion projects, or just taking the time to try new things outside of your usual comfort zone, is important for many people. It can destress, inspire and give you new energy. So how do you do it outside of office hours? What can you do to stay inspired and motivated, and how can you avoid burning out?

.I have recently moved to a part time contract at work to give myself more time for exactly this. Some things I had already started to explore, but in this blog I'll be documenting and discussing different things I have tried (or intend to try in the near future). These range from the simple and direct such as booking tutored evening classes to things that are a little more self reflective, such as trying to understand your own strengths and your own limitations.

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